Veteran Cavalry Song


Published by G. P. HARDWICK, Washington, D. C.

Veteran Cavalry Song.

Come listen all your Cavaliers, a song to you I’ll sing,
And I feel sure that you’ll admit ‘tis just about the thing;
‘Tis of a visit to Secesh, by Gen. Stoneman made,
And of the gallant deeds done by KILPATRICK’S OLD BRIGADE.

When Fighting Joseph got his programme well laid out,
He set old Gen. Stonemann and Kilpatrick on the route;
As soon as Kil. had got the key, he opened wide the door,
And not only rushed his brigade in, but let in Stoneman’s corps.

We massed our fighting forces, and depended on our swords,
We crossed the Rappahannock; at two, three different fords;
Gen. Averill at Culpeper engaged the Rebels man to man,
While rest of us “got up and got,” across the Rapidan.

They dealt their choice refreshments out to our Mud-sill Cavalliers,
Thinking they were entertaining their own Southern knights and peers;
But they were not slow in finding out the yankee-trick we played—
They’d been handing out their apple jack to KILPATRICKS OLD BRIGADE—

At Gordonsville we punched their ribs, for reasons plain to see—
About this time the most of us were in rear of Gen. Lee;
Now that the Pot was boiling well from the fire that we made,
We kept on feeding fuel out from KILPATRICK’S OLD BRIGADE—

We next looked into Richmond to see what might be there—
We created a sensation in the Rebel-lion’s lair;
They turned out all their jail-birds, armed to resist the raid,
But in face of them Kilpatrick took their F. F. V. Brigade—

Fitz Hugh Lee essayed to nab him, but it didn’t weigh a hair—
When he put his thumb upon the spot Kilpatrick wasn’t there;
And lastly, at the terminus of this most successful raid,
He’s right side up at Yorktown, with his FAMOUS OLD BRIGADE—

Now all you Copperheads just heed this, my advice,
If you can’t do the thing that’s right, you’ll smell a large sized mice:
The orders you’ll most likely get will be to make a raid,
Either like Vallandigham or KILPATRICK’S OLD BRIGADE—

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