Do They Think of Me at Home?


Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50 cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

Do They Think of me at Home.

Do they think of me at home?
Do they ever think of me.
I who shared their every grief,
I who mingled in their glee?
Have their hearts grown cold and strange
To the ONE now doomed to roam?
I would give the world to know,
Do they think of me at home?

Do they think of me, at eve,
Of the songs I used to sing?
Is the harp I struck untouched?
Does another wake the string?
Will no kind, forgiving word
Come across the raging foam?
Shall I ever cease to sigh;
Do they think of me at home?

When other lips and other hearts
Their tales of love shall tell,
In language whose excess imparts
The power they feel so well;
There may, perhaps, in such a scene,
Some recollections be
Of days that have as happy been,
And you’ll remember me,

When coldness, or deceit, shall sligh
The beauty now they prise,
And deem it but a faded light
Which beams within your eyes;
When hollow hearts shall wear a mask,
‘Twill break your own to see—
In such a moment I but ask
That you’ll remember me.

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