Mother, Dear, I'm Thinking of You


Published by Chas Magnus. 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

Mother, Dear, I’m Thinking of You.

“Mother, dear, I’m thinking of you,”
Said a beautiful child with bright blue eyes,
“You said if I was good and kind,
I’d some day meet you in the skies;”
“My darling child,” she sweetly said,
“There is above a better home;”
“Why, mother, dear see from your eyes
Those little rain-drops trickling down.”

Mother, dear, I’m thinking of you,
And those sweet little ran-drops on your cheek;
Oh. little then I knew the charm
Of tears—in manhood, now they speak;
Speak to me in each walk of ife,
Speak to me in fond accents mild:
Now, mother, dear, I know those tears
Were prayers to heaven to bless your child.

“Mother, dear, I’m thinking of you,”
Said an old man whose life was wasting away,
His grandchild sat upon his knee,
And with his silvery locks [did ?] play;
“Why, Grandpa dear, what makes you cry?
I’ll kiss those little tears away,”
“No, no my child, I’m thinking now
Of mother dear, in heaven, they say.”

Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

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