Willie'll Roam No Moer


Published by Chas Magnus. 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.


Yes, Mary, I have come, love,
Across the dark blue sea,
To our peaceful, quiet home, love
Our little ones and thee;
I’ve watched and waited nightly,
For the welcome hour to come,
When happily and brightly,
All the dear delights of home,
Should greet my listening ear, love,
Upon my native shore;
Then wipe away thy tears, Mary,
For thy Willie’ll roam no more.

How often since I left you, love,
In solitude and tears,
Have I blest that love which clung to me
Through many changing years;
And while I paced the silent deck,
Forgotten and alone, Has my heart recall’d thy lovelit smile,
Thy sweet and gentle tone;
Thy image, love, has e’er been shrin’d
Within this fond heart’s core.
But wipe away the tears, Mary,
For thy willie’ll roam no more.

Dear Mary, when in life’s sweet morn,
In all thy youthful pride,
I bore thee, Virgin, bathed in tears,
From thy fond mother’s side;
And promised at the altar,
To love through life, as now;
Say, Mary, when life’s sorrows came,
Did I forget that vow?
Your heart will own I left you, love,
Our fortunes to restore,
Then wipe away thy tears, Mary,
For thy Willie’ll roam no more.

Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N. Y.

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