What Irishmen Have Done


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

What Irishmen Have Done.

Ye gallant sons of Erins Isle, come listen to my lay,
About what Irishmen have done, I have a word to say;
Not only in America, but in almost every clime—
The sons of good St. Patrick’s land, have made their lives sublime.

When the clash of arms was sounded, after Sumter’s fall,
The sons of Erin rallied and responded to the call;
They never skulk’d from danger, but in the van-guard led:
No battle has been fought since then, but Irish blood was shed.

The battle-field of Lexington, a monument does stand.
To the valor and endurance, of the sons of “Paddy’s Land;”
When demanded to surrender, brave MULLIGAN did reply—
“Tell your leader that we’re Irishmen, and not afraid to die.”

There’s some of Europe’s bravest sons can trace their pedigree
To that green island of the west, “the bright gem of the sea.”
In France there is MCMAHON, in Spain O’DONNELL, true—
And England honor’s WELLINGTON, who fought at Waterloo.

Yet how oft do we hear Irishmen who ought to love that name,
Deny the Country of their birth as though it were a shame—
To come from the land of GRATTAN, MOORE, and others true and tried;
The land for which O’CONNELL fought, and brave young EMMET died.

God grant the day may soon draw near, when the Fenian band,
Will raise the green above the red, in their own native land;
And free her from the thralldom, in which she so long has laid,
Then on the good “Old sod” again, we’ll wear the Green Cockade.

Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

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