Oh Jeff! Oh Jeff! How Are You Now?


Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

Oh Jeff! Oh Jeff! How are you Now?

Jeff Davis is, we must admit,
A man who knows when’s time to leave,
His last ditch now he had to quit,
But still he states in language brief,
That by misfortune of the war,
He’s forced to leave his statal seat
That still with him the powers are,
Which will in time the Yankee’s beat.

I now shall give a short account,
Of Jeff and Co’s excursion trip,
This family was seaward bound,
In looking for a better crip,
It was a party of high reb’s,
Who thought it time to leave their place
But Uncle Sam was on their steps,
And follow’d them in constant race.

It was a question now of speed,
That would decide be cought or not.
Old Davis felt quite hurt indeed,
To make his mare so quick to trot.
His trav’ling gown was quite a hit,
It show’d what genius can achieve,
His boots they were too large a bit.
Though hoops he had to their relieve.

But on they came close to his heel,
Our boys with cries “we’ve got you tight”
What kind you are, your boots reveal,
A hundred thousand dollar light.
His wife now like a woman true,
Said, “don’t provoke the President,
Or else he may hurt some of you,
He’s got a dagger in his hand.”

’Twas all in vain that strange appeal,
Our men took quite a diff’rent view,
Come to or else we’ll let you feel,
Colt’s pills—’twill soon your rage subdue.
Quite changed he spoke, “your government
I thought would not be hunting down,
Be more magnanimous nor scent
A man in womans dressing gown.”

Thus ends the reign of Jeff the first,
And they so called “Confed’rate States,
For glory was to great his thirst,
He’d swallow all—at his own rates,
His time has come—his fare has changed,
Let him prepare his story now,
To show the world in verse arranged,
His life and deeds—he knows best how.

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