The Contraband's Adventures


Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50 cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N. Y.

The Contraband’s Adventures.

Oh! my name is Darkey Sam,
I’se a black-eyed contraband.
Down on de Chickahominy I was born;
But old massa run away,
When de Linkum sogers play:
So, I started for de Norf in de morn.
I soon met wid a man,
And he took me by de hand,
And brought me to de bobolition meeting:
Dere de broders made a speech,
And de sisters ‘gan to preach;
Dey said my complexion was light,
And de world dey would teach
What a point dey could reach,
And show dey could wash a nigger white.

Dey got me very soon,
And dey put me in a room;
Dis nigger couldn’t tell what dey was arter;
Dey took off all my clothes,
And den what does you suppose?
Dey put me in a tup of boilin’ water!
And den dey got around,
And some scrubbin’-brushed found.
And said dey’d wash me whiter dan paper.
Oh! dey got me in a tub,
And dey all began to scrub..
I tell you it was a pretty sight!
For some put on the soap,
And de oders dey did rub.
But they found dey couldn’t wash a nigger white.

De next ting dey done
For the make de color run.
De began to rub me wid sand-paper;
Oh! dey nearly killed me dead,
But they only made me red—
I tell you I cut up an awful caper!
Den dey whitewashed me so slick,
But de lime it wouldln’t stick—
I, golly! I was just as black as ever!
Den dey got a lot of hay,
And dey rubbed and scrubbed away—
Oh! dey kept at it all dat night;
And den dey found, next day,
Dat de job it wouldn’t pay,
‘Kase dey neber could wash de nigger white

When I found dat dey was tired,
Says I: Gemmen, list to me,
And you will find out dat I am right, man;
De nigger will be nigger,
Till de day of Jubille:
For, he neber was intended for a white man;
Den just skedaddle home,
Leave de colored man alone;
For, you’re only makin’ trouble in de nation;
You may fight, and you may muss,
You may make a heap of fuss,
But you neber will make things right.
Until you all agree
For to let de nigger be:
For, you’ll neber, neber, neber wash him white.

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