Yes, I Would the War Were Over


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N. Y.

Yes, I Would the War Were Over.

Yes, I would the war were over,
Would the cruel work were done;
With my country undivided.
And the battle fought and won,
Let the contest now before us,
Be decided by the sword,
For the war cannot be ended
Till the Union is restored.

Dead upon the field of battle,
Husbands, sons and brothers lie:
Friends are waiting—wives and mothers,
Looking for them, bye and bye.
Far away from home for ever,
Many a noble boy lies slain;
Look not for thy child fond mother,
Thou shalt see him not again.

Yes, I would the war were ended,
And the cruel struggle o’er,
But our flag must be defended,
And our country as before.
Peace indeed, is Heaven’s blessing,
Though its joys are easy lost,
Still we’ll battle for our nation,
Whatsoe’er it yet may cost.

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