A Yankee Man-of-War


Published by Chas Magnus, 12 Frankfort St, N.Y.

A Yankee Man-of-War.

Down by yonder valley, I carelessly did stray,
I overheard a sailor; unto his love he did say:
Susy, lovely Susy, I soon must leave this shore,
To fight against Jefferson Davis on the Yankee Man-of-war.

Johnny, dearest Johnny, do not go away from me:
The Rebels are as treacherous as any Portuguee;
With some deadly weapon, you may receive some scars;
Jolly Sailor, do not venture on the Yankee Man-of-war.

Susy, lovely Susy, the truth to you I’ll tell;
The Stars and Stripes were insulted, and the Yankees know it well;
I may be crowned with glory, just like some valliant Tar,
In facing the forts of the Rebels, on the Yankee Man-of-war.

Taking out his handkerchief, and tearing it in two,
He said: here is one half of it, the same I’ll give to you;
May the bullets fly around me, and Rebel cannons roar,
I will fight against Jefferson Davis, on the Yankee Man-of-war.

A few more words together, and he let go her hand,
As the jolly Crew surrounded the Boat, she merrily rowed from land;
The sailor waved his handkerchief, and far away from shore
Susy blessed the Sailor on the Yankee Man-of-war!

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