Better Times are Coming


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

Better Times are Coming.

There are voices of hope
That are borne on the air,
And our land will be freed
From its clouds of despair,
For brave men and true men
To battle have gone,
And good times, good times
Are now coming on.

Now Grant is a leader,
And we’ll let him take the sway,
For a man in his position,
He should surely have his way,
Our nation’s honored Scott,
He trusted to his might,
Your faith in U. S. Grant put,
For we are sure he’s right.

Generals Lyon and Baker,
And Ellsworth now are gone,
But still we have some brave men
To led our soldiers on;
The noise of the battle
Will soon have died away,
And the darkness now upon us
Will be turned to happy day.

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