The Captain of the Provost


Published by Chas.Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

The Captain of The Provost. (Parody.)

As I walked down the street I heard the band play,
And a regiment of conscripts passed me on the way;
They’re enrolling all our names, I fear I’ll have to go,
And shoulder a big musket and fight with Gen’l Joe.

The skedaddlers from the draft are trying every plan,
No one now ‘bove thirty-five but is a married man.
The young men, too, are, all at once, taken very ill,
And nothing can effect a cure but an exemption bill.

Uncle Abe is full of jokes, for he takes poor white and black
And packs them off for Dixie to keep the Rebels back.
In battling for the Union I think it is but right
To let them all, rich and poor, smell powder in a fight.

If you wish to ‘scape the draft I’ve hit upon a plan,
Just show yourself a patriot and every inch a man.
Go, go, rally ‘round the banner, swear ever to be true
To the glorious Stars and Stripes that long has shielded you.

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