The Captain With His Whiskers


Published by Chas.Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

The Captain With his Whishers.

Oh, I crept to the window to hear the band play,
As the troops with their music were marching down this way
I peeped through the window so cautiously at them.
Lest the neighbors should say I was looking at the men.

When we met at the ball, I of course thought it right
To appear as if we never hat met before that night;
But he knew me at once, I perceived by his glance,
And I hung down my head when he asked me to dance.

Oh, he sat by my side at the end of the seat,
And the sweet words he spoke I shall never forget;
Oh, my heart was enlisted, and I could not get free,
For the Captain with his whiskers took a sure glance at me.

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