Cavalry Song


Published by Chas.Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

Cavalry Song. Schiller.

Up, up, brave comrades!—to horse, to horse!
To the field where we freedom merit!
Where still is valued the brave man’s force,—
Where we weigh in the scale his spirit!
In war no man for his friend may stand,
Where each one fights for his own right hand.

All freedom hath fled from this world of guile,
But tyrants and serfs remaining;
Now flourish lying and treason vile,
O’er cowardly mortals reigning.
Who looks on death with unblenching brow,
The soldier alone is the free man now!

The troubles of life he away hath thrown,
Small need his for care or sorrow;
To meet his fate he rides boldly on,
It may be to-day or to-morrow.
It may be to-morrow; then let us to-day
To the dregs quaff the goblet of time while we may!

Our merry lot from the sky falls down,
We seek not to fill our measure;
The bondman grubs in the earth so brown,
Still weening to lift a treasure;
He digs and shovels till life is past,
And digs but a trench for his grave at last.

The trooper bold, and his steed so gay,
Are hated guests and dreaded;
Where the bride-lamps gleam he will find his way,
Unasked, to the feast of the wedded;
Nor shows he money, nor long he’ll plead;
With his sword, like a soldier, he’ll gain his meed.

Why weep’st thou, maiden?—what grieves thee so?
Let him go, let him go, I pray thee;
He owns no home in this earth below,
Nor love nor troth can he pay thee.
His rapid fortune tears him away,
And therefore his heart with none may stay.

Then up, brave comrades, and saddle and ride,
For the fight each bold heart beating;
Youth rolls through our veins life’s foaming tide,
Up! ere time quench the spirit fleeting:
And whoso casts not his life in the scale,
To win life’s gladness shall surely fail!

500 Illustrated Ballads lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

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