Darling Little Sophie


500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

Darling Little Sophie.

Tripping through the wildwood
On a summer’s day,
Darling little Sophie
Always pass’d that way;
To senoal or homeward wending,
O’er hill and dale so bright,
My heart was ever beating
For this angel of light.

Flowers of the morning
Petals opened wide,
Looking so resplendent,
Sophie with them vied:
Spring and summer bloom’d and past
Her heart was light and free,
And autumn with i,s dreary blast
Ne’er made a change in thee.

Then at last came winter,
Withered the sweet flowers,
With them little Sophie
Pass’d to heavenly bowers.
This earth is sad and lonely
Since they bright spirit’s gone;
I think of thee—thee only,
’Tis only thee I mourn.

Branch Office: No. 520 7th St. Washington, D. C.

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