Dear Ones, I Am Coming Home!


Published by Chas.Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

Dear Ones, I am Coming Home!

For a time the strife is ended,
Northward now my steps I bend—
Seeing in the distance splendid
Loving kindred, home and friend—
In the horrid din of Battle—
And where’er my footsteps roam—
Oft I hear my childrens prattle,
Dear ones I am coming home!

Wife—no longer pale with watching—
Soon I’ll clasp you to my breast,
While on furlough gladly catching
Blissful peace and needed rest:
Oh! h w oft on picket lonely,
Did my thought’s to Mary roam!
Her I lov’d and lov’d and love so, only—
Dear ones! I am coming home!

Now I see my cottage glancing
Down among the Orchard trees;
And my native stream is dancing,
And I feel the northern breeze—
Back from Battle—wounded—weary—
Love shall soothe each ling’ring pain—
To my children and my Mary—
Dear ones—I am coming home!

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

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