The Drummer Boy's Farewell


Published by Cha Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y

The Drummer Boy’s Farewell.

Where the Southern gales were sighing,
When the long day of strife was past,
Lay a little Drummer dying,
His heart’s blood ebbing fat!
“Give,” said he, ere he departed
To find the realms of bliss,
“To my mother broken-hearted
Her Charlie’s farewell kiss!”

“I have done my duty—mother!
Oh! that memory let none destroy—
Farewell—little sister—brother—
To your soldier-boy!
‘Tis for our beloved Union.
My life I gladly yield
Far from home, my dearest mother,
Upon the Battle-field.”

One sigh, and then all was ended,
And the drummer lay stark and chill,
Where his course he finished, splendid,
On Missionary Hill.
Where southern gales are sweeping,
And white Magnolias wave;
Angels their watch are keeping
O’er the little Drummer’s grave!

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