Gay and Happy


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Gay And Happy.

I am the girl that’s gay and happy
And I your attention call,
If you’ll listen to my story,
I will try to please you all.

If the President sat beside me,
I would sing with usual glee;
He might smile or frown upon me,
Still I’d sing and happy be.

If a man be poor and needy,
I could never pass him by,
But with kindness I would treat him,
And this world I would enjoy.

You may say the rich and wealthy,
Poverty they do despise;
I am content, tho’ poor but healthy,
Health is the only boon I prize.

In the South they threaten disunion
If the North will not obey;
But the spirit of General Washington
Still keeps guard with Henry Clay.

With our hands and hearts united,
With the Constitution stand;
The Union and our Flag forever,
The STARS and STRIPES and our glorious Land.

Now my friends my song is ended,
Let the world wag as it will;
Every night I’ll try to please you,
I’ll be gay and happy still.

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    Still Image
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    Rush, Anne
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    19 cm x 12 cm
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