Hail, to the Nominee


Published by chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Hail To The Nominee

All hail! Unfurl the stripes and stars!
The banner of the free!
Ten times ten thousand patriots greet
The shrine of Liberty:
Come, with one heart, one hope, one aim,
An undivided band,
To elevate, with solemn rites,
The ruler of our land.

Not to invest a potentate
With robes of majesty—
Not to confer a kingly crown,
Nor bend a supple knee.
We bow beneath no scepter’s sway,
Obey no royal nod—
Columbia’s sons, erect and free,
Kneel only to their God!

Our ruler boasts no titled rank,
No ancient, princely line—
No legal right to sovereignty,
Ancestral and divine.
A patriot, at his country’s call,
Responding to her voice—
One of the people, he becomes
A sovereign by our choice.

And now before the mighty pile
We’ve rear’d for Liberty,
He swears to cherish and defend
The charter of the free!
God of our country! seal his oath
And let him be awake,
God save the Union of the States
God save “our little Mac.”

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