Now Sheridan Whipped Longstreet


Published by chas. Magnus 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

How Sheridan whipped Longstreet. October 19th, 1864.

It was just before the day break, that this famous fight began:
The Rebels came on savagely, determined to a man,
To drive away bold Sheridan from the Shenandoah vale,
But very soon they had to tell a different sort of tale!

They captured several Pickets, then on the Union troops,
They rushed like wolves upon a fold with horrid yells and whoops;
The Federals fell backward, before the Rebel foe,
Which had given such a sudden and unexpected blow!

Then all was in confusion—the Union Soldiers thought,
That ruin and destruction upon their cause was brought;
And every honest bosom with indignation burned,
When suddenly and swiftly the tide of battle turned.

For then the gallant SHERIDAN unto the rescue came;
Belched forth the Union cannon their fierce and fatal flame;
And Longstreet with his army along Shenandoah flew,
While the proud victorious Sheridan the Rebels did pursue.

He routed them completely, and gave the hardest blow,
That has ever yet been given unto the Rebel foe!
The hour seems to have come at last and with it comes the man,
The conqueror of Longstreet—victorious SHERIDAN!

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