In Our Own Dear Homes Again!


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

In our own dear Homes again!

For the grand old UNION fighting
Comrades, we must not despond!
For the peace our hearts delight in
Can’t be very far beyond!
Still we’ll bravely do our duty,
Breaking every Southern chain,
Then for Union, love and beauty,
In our own dear homes again!

Shall the gifts our grandsires gave us
Be by Rebel hordes destroy’d?
Shall a traitor band enslave us—
Who have Freedom’s rights enjoy’d?
On—still on—to Victory pressing,
On to break each captive’s chain;
Till our lov’d ones we’re caressing
In our own dear homes again.

Should we fall while winning glory—
Freedom, laurels has to give
In our Country’s deathless story
Will our names forever live!
On then, comrades—Honor calls us
And she must not call in vain,
Hoping, what so e’er befall us
For our own dear homes again!

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