Marching Along No. 2


Published by Chas. Magnus , RENDEZ-VOUS OF DISTRIBUTION VA 12 Frankfort St. N.Y

Marching Along. No. 6

Our country has called her brave sons to the field,
To false-hearted traitor she never must yield;
Then, forward, true soldiers! let this be our song—
“To conquer or die we are marching along!”

Tho’ strewn be our path with the dying and dead—
Tho’ to battle through rivers of blood we are led:
Our hearts will be firm, and our courage be strong,
For God is our guide as we’re marching along!

Near the graves where our comrades lie sleeping in death
We soon for our country may yield our last breath,
We’ll fight till we die! let our flag but still wave,
For a bright ray of glory will hallow each grave!

Then on let us march, boys!—on, on to the fight!
Success must be ours, since our cause is the right;
Three cheers for our flag, and three cheers for our song
“To conquer or die we are marching along!”

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