Mother, Dearest, I Am Coming


Published by Chas. Magnus, RENDEZ-VOUS OF DISTRIBUTION, VA 12 Frankfort, St., N. Y. No. 6.

Mother, dearest, I am coming.

Dearest mother, since I left you
Many years have passed away;
I am weary of life’s pleasures,
I have found its idols clay;
I have glided with its current,
Feet its turmoil and its pain;
Mother, dearest, I am coming,
Take your wanderer home again.

I know that I have often grieved you,
You, so good, so pure and mild;
Care has touched me, it has changed me,
I’m no longer weak and wild:
And my lonely heart is pining,
From thy love no more I’ll roam;
Mother, dearest, I am coming
To my childhood’s happy home.

You said your love will watch and wait;
It has watched and waited long;
And you said it was forgiving;
I know it is true and strong,
Friends I’ve trusted have deceived me,
And so sadly now I roam,
Earth has lost for me its brightness—
Mother, dear, I’m coming home.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street , New York.

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