Mother Kissed Me in My Dream


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort, St., N. Y.

Mother Kissed Me In My Dream.

Lying on my dying bed,
Through the dark and silent night,
Praying for the coming day,
Came a vision to my sight;
Near me stood the forms I loved,
In the sunlight’s mellow gleam,
Folding me unto her breast—
Mother kissed me in my dream!

Comrades, tell her when you write,
That I did my duty well,
Say that when the battle raged,
Fighting in the van I fell;
Tell her too, when on my bed,
Slowly ebbed my being’s stream,
How I knew no peace until—
Mother kissed me in my dream!

Once again I long to see
Home and kindred far away;
But, I feel I shall be gone,
Ere there dawns another day!
Hopefully I bide the hour
When will fade life’s feeble beam—
Ev’ry pang has left me now—
Mother kissed me in my dream!

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