A Soldier Is My Beau


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

A Soldier is My Beau.

Oh! a soldier is my beau, I would have you to know,
And he’s gone at his Country’s call,
To fight ’gainst the daring the traitorous foe,
And he’ll conquer or nobly fall:
For, his heart’s always right, he’s as true as the light:
On his breast will be found his scars,
With his face to the foe, he will bravely fight
In defence of the Stripes and Stars.

There’s no maiden fair but would, no true woman but should
Give a place in her inmost heart,
To the hero who passing thro’ fire field and flood,
Bears a patriot’s glorious part;
But no bright sunny smile should the moments beguile,
Or shine through the dungeon bars,
That imprison the heart of the caitif so vile,
Who loves not the Stripes and Stars.

Oh! may Heav’n protect my beau from the wiles of the foe
And spare him his bride to claim!
Let victory crown him where e’er he may go,
’Till he win an immortal name;
And with true courage nerved for the cause he has served
Let him haul down the Stars and Bars;
For, this Union it must and it shall be preserved,
And supreme wave the Stripes and Stars!

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