Their Sham Shoulder-straps


Published by Chas Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Their Sham Shoulder-straps.

Every day of our lives as we walk through the street
How many sham soldiers we’re certain to meet—
They strut and look big do those Impudent chaps
And proudly exhibit their sham shoulder straps!

There are Majors and Captains and Colonels who ne’er
Smell’d powder, or handled a musket, I swear—
But they brag so in Bar-rooms that really you’d think,
That they relished hard fighting as much as hard drink.

When they meet pretty girls how they swagger and strut!
And curl their mustaches and other shines cut;
But oh! how the maidens would sneer at their pranks
If they knew that the fellows ne’er entered the ranks.

There’s only one weapon these heroes e’er draw—
And that is the tongue, which they wag in the jaw.
With this they fight battles, and safe ones they are,
But it’s little they care for the “Stripe” or the “Star.”

While brave men are fighting in earnest, ’tis shame
That fellows like this should be stealing their fame.
These shoulder-shams let us tear off every coat
And the sheep ’neath the wolf skin let every one note!

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