The Veteran's Song


Published by Chs.Magnus 12 Frankfort St N.Y.

The Veteran’s Song.

Come gather ‘round the Camp-fire—and till the break of day
I’ll sing a song, my comrades, to pass the time away—
I’ve been in many a battle—you may see it by my scars—
And this old arm has failed not through all this weary war.

I was wounded at Bull Run—when the Rebels bloody host
Came down in all their pride—and the stream in haste we cross’d;
‘T was the first time I smelled powder—but I knew not how to yield,
And at Fair Oaks I contested another bloody field.

This scar upon my cheek I got when a dashing charge we made
Upon the Traitors—I was one of fighting Joe’s Brigade!
I was left for dead upon the field, but when the former ran
With Averill at Culpepper I cross’d the Rapidan.

When the cry was “On to Richmond”—I was in McClellan’s track.
I put my face into the front and could’nt show my back.
On Antieiam’s bloody field, all hack’d and gash’d, I fell.
But not before some score of foes found I could smite as well!

I got at Fredericksburgh a grape-shot in my knee,
But fought on for the Union till I saw the traitors flee!
I grasp’d one Rebel by the: throat, who tried to seize our flag
And choked the cheer that to his lip arose for General Bragg.

Three fingers of my left hand a sharpshooter destroyed
As I was out on picket but my bullet him annoyed—
I got his body in exchange—and my revenge was full,
For I’ve a few more fingers, which can still a trigger pull!

But what care I for wounds or death? With all a Patriot’s might
As a good and faithful soldier for the Un on still I’ll fight’
And will not sheathe my sword until from Florida to Maine
The stars and stripes shall proudly float all over our land again!

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