Victory at Last


Teal illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50 cts. Published by Chan. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Victory Atlast.

For many years we’ve waited,
To hail the day of peace,
When our land should be united,
And war and strife should cease;
And now that day approaches,
The drums are beating fast,
And all the boys are coming home,
There’s victory at last.

The heroes who have gained it,
And lived to see that day,
We will meet with flying banners
And honors en the way;
And all their sad privations
Shall to the winds be cast,
For all the boys are coming home—
There’s victory at last.

O happy wives and children,
Light up your hearts and homes,
For see, with martial music
“The conquering hero comes,”
With flags and streamers flying,
While drums are beating fast;
For all the boys arc coming home—
There’s victory at last.

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