The Charming Young Widow I Met in the Train


The Charming Young Widow I Met in the Train.

Whilst in the South Wales a letter was sent me
From London which bid me quickly repair,
To an uncle it stated, fast he was dying
The wish had expressed to make me his heir.
So hurriedly packing a few things together,
Wishing that London quickly might gain,
By a first class express went, by the same carriage,
A charming young widow I met in the train.

An infant she had, so fondly caressing,
I ventured to ask if that was her own,
She answered in words, appearing distressing,
Yes; and its Papa is dead and gone.
When the question I asked, in my face looking,
That look I shall ne’er be forgetting again,
In fact, fast my heart to herself was booking,
Was the charming young widow I met in the train.

As the train it was stopping the engine to water,
She asked in a hurry would I be so kind,
Her infant to take it, the darling so quiet,
Of course I replied I did’nt mind.
To the refreshment room she went into,
The signal for starting I heard but in vain,
Not a glimse could I see of her the train without started
The charming young widow I met in the train.

Loud I was shouting, the train to be stopping
Out of the window putting my head,
No answer receiving, the infant I took it,
Discovered, oh, horror! it was dead
On its bosom was sewn a note, which on reading,
Found I was taken in, done for, quite plain,
It begged me bury the child for the sake of
The charming young woman I met in the train.

It was strange to myself that I was remarking
How quiet a child not hearing a souud,
The sweet little creature asleep was she told me,
Quite dead asleep so in truth I found.
I took it and buried the poor little creature,
Its age or its name I could not explain,
On a stone was inscribed, Underneath was bequeathed me
By a charming young Widow I met in the train.

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