The Electric Light


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

The Electric Light

In this world of great inventions and of patent right contentions,
Startling wonders spring up every day;
What the next is going to be is too much to ask of me,
Of the latest now I have a word to say.
More useful than the phonograph, it’s newer than the telegraph,
It knocks the ocean cable out of sight;
No man in all creation caused so great a consternation
As the bloke that built the great electric light.

This great illuminator is the burglars aggravator,
Thieves and blacklegs give it right of way;
You can go to bed contented, from attack you are protected,
It makes the darkest night as clear as day.
If the baby has the cholic and you want the paregoric,
All you got to do is simply turn the screw;
No toe nails now your shins to scratch, while looking round to find a match,
The electric light will do the work for you.

It causes lots of trouble to the young and loving couple,
It puts a damper on their ardent love;
If a fellow is not flckle, he’ll get in an awful pickle
When he goes to see his darling turtle dove.
Her loving kiss he cannot taste or put his arm around her waist,
They cannot find a corner out of sight;
And if by chance they stay out late, they can’t swing on the garden gate,
They curse and d——n the great electric light.

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