I'm Proud I'm an Irishman's Son


Copyrighted and Music published byFrank P. Anderson, 36 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York.

I’m Proud I’m an Irishman’s Son

If I were a son of old England
I’d praise the dear land of my birth;
If the mountains of Scotland had brought me to light,
I’d cherish their beauty and worth;
But my heart fondly beats for old Ireland,
And the glorious deeds she has done.
Till the day that I die I’ll hold my head high,
For I’m proud I’m an Irishman’s son.

They may treat me with scorn and derison,
They may bring the hot tear in my eye,
They may say with a sneer when employment I seek,
That an Irishman need not apply.
When I think of the heroes old Ireland’s produced,
And the glorious deeds they have done,
I’ll still play my part, and I’ll say from my heart,
I’m proud I’m an Irishman’s son.—

When I think of such heroes as Emmet,
Who died without one moment’s pause,
Likewise Patrick Sarsfield exiled from his land,
Lamenting the good of the cause.
When I think of such statesmen as Grattan and Burke,
The respect and honor they won,
I’ll never deny the land of my birth,
For I’m proud I’m an Irishman’s son.—

When I think of such poets as Goldsmith,
Likewise the famous Tom Moore,
Their poems and prose are renown’d through the world,
And well they deserve it I’m sure.
When I think of the great Dan O’Connell,
The brightest gem under the sun,
You’ll admit, it is true, what more can I do,
But be proud I’m an Irishman’s son.—


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