I'm Going to Have My Name Above the Door


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

I’m Going to Have my Name Above the Door

When I bought out from Flynn, he went out and I went in,
There was no one knew the difference, I’m sure,
For the business didn’t stop at my little liquor shop
When I’m going to put my name above the door;
For the trade remained the same, though I never changed the name,
They took me for a bartender, I’m sure.
But I’ll have ye all to know I’m the boss down here below,
Where I’m going to put my name above the door.

I am building me a sign of an elegant design,
It will reach across from number six to mine,
It will say in letters bold, black and tan, and tipped with gold,
That the whole of the establishment is mine;
I will build a story higher, and insure in case of fire,
I’ll have my office on the second floor,
And when everything’s complete, sure there’s no one can compete
With Maloney and his name above the door.—

I will shortly stop retail and go in for wholesale,
And then I’ll be a merchant out and out,
And all my friends they say to me I a congressman should be,
For I’m the coming man without a doubt;
Now when I look around that you’re my friends I will be bound,
And I know that all your votes I could secure,
But I think I’d better stop at my little liquor shop
When I’m going to have my name above the door.—

Music of this Song sent of receipt of 20 cts. in 1 or 2 ct. stamps, byA.W. Auner, Tenth & Race Sts, Philadelphia, Pa.

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