Muldoon the Solid Man


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Muldoon the Solid Man.

I am a man of great influence.
And educated to a high degree,
I came here when small from Donegal,
In the Daniel Webster, across the sea;
In the Fourteenth Ward I situated,
In a tenement house with my brother Dan;
By perseverance I elevated,
And went to the front like a solid man

Go with mo and I’ll treat you dacent;
I’ll set you down, and I’ll fill the can;
As I walk the street each friend I meet
Says, “There goes Muldoon—he’s a solid man,”

At any party or any raffle
I always go as an invited guest;
As conspicuous as General Granite, boys,
I wear a rosebud upon my breast;
I’m called upon to address the meeting,
Without regard to clique or clan;
I show the constitution with elocution,
Bekase you know I’m asolid man.

For oppositions or politicians,
Take my word, I don’t give a damn;
As I walk the street each friend I meet
Says,” There goes Muldoon—he’ a solid man.“

I control the Tombs, I control the Island,
My constituents all go there
To enjoy the summer’s recreation,
And the refreshing East river air;
I’m known in Harlem, I’m known in Jarsey,
I’m welcomed hearty on every hand;
Wid my regalia on Patrick’s day,
I march away like a solid man.

A.W. AUNER’S CARD AND JOB PRINTING ROOMS, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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