No Irish Need Apply


No Irish Need Apply.

Oh ’twas yesterday that I was led on such a wild goose chase,
I read an advertisement and went out to gel a place.
But when the mistress saw me, says she “why, by the by,
Did you not read the words there “no Irish need apply?”
“If to my Country you object, just tell the reason why,
But don’t print such a heartless line, “no Irish need apply.”

If a stranger goes to Ireland, he’s treated like a lord,
True hospitality there is found, just take poor paddy’s word,
They’ll treat yon to their potheen, and welcome you with joy,
So pray blot out those heartless words, “no Irish need apply.”
Oh don’t throw stones for fear you hit your father in the eye,
With such a flinty missile as “no Irish need apply”

At Balaklava, Inkerman, and through the Russian War,
Didn’t Irishmen fight bravely as they’ve often done before?
And in this War their loyal arms have made the rebels fly,
So pray blot out forever, that “no Irish need apply.”
If you wan a second Wellington, to get one never try,
While still you write the foolish words, “no Irish need apply”

Of Generals brave, and Statesmen, old Ireland too can boast,
Her Poets still are everywhere a universal toast;
There’s Goldsmith, Curran, Grattan, Moore, and Lever yet to try,
What may be done by genius when Irishmen apply.
Sure Sheridan the brilliant, and Campbell, by the by,
Would never have been known if then “no Irish did apply.”

Ah surely you may speak kindly now, it you could not before,
When you think of manly Corcoran, who alas, is now no more:
The Union to preserve, he with both hand and heart did try,
So don’t offend his brothers with, “no Irish need apply.”
When you think of Catharine Hayes and Clonmel long gone by,
you surely can’t repeat that line, “no Irish need apply”

So let us all united be, and true men all around,
And let no petty feelings yet in any heart be found;
But strive for that great Haven, where all happiness doth lie,
And State or Creed no object is, and all nations may apply;
And let us join both heart and hand, and this the reason why,
We all should meet in Heaven, where all nations may apply.

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