Noble Lads of Brooklyn



Noble Lads of Brooklyn.

Come all, ye Union Heroes, I pray you lend your cars,
Draw up our Union forces, and then our Volunteers;
We are going to fight the Rebels, boys, by water and by land,
And we never will return till we conquer, sword in band.

Oh! now is the time, my boys, to cross the Rebels’ line;
We remember they were Union once, but now they are undone;
We will subdue those mighty Rebels, and burn their houses down,
And we will have the States inhabited with heroes of the town.

We are as choice a Union array as ever crossed the seas;
We will burn both town and city, and with smoke becloud the skies;
We will subdue the old Secesh, their Stone-wall is gone;
And we will play them Yankee Doodle, and a tune out of our gun.

Now we have reached Fair-Oak, my boys, and here we will stand;
We’ll take the Rebel army Jeff Davis doth command;
We have water-crafts sufficient to sink them in an hour;
But our orders are: to board and the Secesh rag destroy.

Now they better retreat, my boys, make all the haste they can,
The Union heroes will surround them, I am sure, if we can;
Behind the hedges and the ditches, and the trees, and every stump,
You can see the dirty Rebels going two leaps and a jump.

Now, if ever I reach Brooklyn alive, I will surely stay at home;
For, McClellan has gained a victory, and the Rebels will soon be done;
I would rather fight a thousand troops as good as ever crossed the seas,
Than fifty of those Rebels, the stumps and tree.

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