Our Gallant Colonel


Our Gallant Colonel.

Come all ye jolly lads and members of Company I,
A song to you I’ll sing, and to please you I will try,
’Tis of a gallant Colonel who never knew no fears,
He is commander of the 119th Pennsylvania Volunteers.

This Colonel that I do mention, his name I do not tell,
But he came from Philadelphia where lately he did dwell,
He was in the battle of Fredericksburg, where his cour- age he did show,
By walking up and down the line in the hottest contest
with the foe.

Our boys were bound to follow him and none of them
were afraid,
If you’d a seen us on the battle field, you’d though it
was dress, parade,
We were laying on the ground when we were called up
into line.
And had orders to fix bayonets at which we took the shine.

Our Colonel’s horse being unmanagable, he sent him to
the rear,
And took his position in front of us as if there was no fear;
The rebels came a charging up, not thinking of their fate.
Until brave Snow gave them refreshments of canister and

So now my boys I’ll sing no more for my song is at an end,
And I’ll take a drink with any of you, I hope I don’t offend,
And I’ll drink a toast to our Colonel, for I am very dry,
So here’s success to Col. Ellmaker and also Company I.
May 12, 1863.

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