Our Heroes


Our Heroes.

Cheers! Cheers, for our heroes!
Not to those who wear stars;
Not to those who wear eagles,
And leaflets, and bars;
We know they are gallant,
And honor them, too,
For bravely maintaining
The Red, White, and Blue!

But, cheers for our soldiers,
Rough, wrinkled, and brown;
The men who MAKE heroes,
And ask no renown:—
Unselfish, untiring,
Intrepid, and true;
The bulwark surrounding
The Red, White, and Blue!

Our patriot soldiers!
When Treason arose,
And Freedom’s own children
Assailed her as foes;
When Anarchy threatened,
And Order withdrew,
They rallied to rescue
The Red, White, and Blue!

Upholding our banner,
On many a field,
The doom of the traitor
They valiantly sealed;
And, worn with the conflict,
Found vigor anew,
Where Victory greeted
The Red, White, and Blue!

Yet, loved ones have fallen—
And still, where they sleep,
A sorrowing Nation
Shall silently weep;
And Spring’s fairest flowers,
In gratitude, strew,
O’er those who have cherished
The Red, White, and Blue!

But, glory immortal
Is waiting them now;
And chaplets unfading
Shall bind every brow,
When, called by the trumpet,
At Time’s great review,
They stand, who defended
The Red, White, and Blue!

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  • Item ID
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    Still Image
  • Title
  • Creator
    Janvier, Francis De Haes, 1817-1885
  • Illustrated
  • Extent
    18 cm x 10 cm
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