Our Yankee Generals


A W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER, 110 North 10th St, ab. Arch, Philadelphia.

Our Yankee Generals.

We are all for the Constitution,
Give the South a good solution,
Away, away, away to the fight.
Jeff Davis shall not conquer, O no, O no,
We’ll build a fleet of Monitors,
And drive the rebels from our .shores.

McClellan is moved with his division,
Our President is all decision,
Away, away, away to the fight.
The rebels flee in terror as we advance,
There is no time to ponder,
They may as well lay in a trance.

Old Kentucky and Tennessee,
Our gallant troops will soon make free,
Away, away, away to the fight.
The Foote that pressed on Pillow and Floyd so tight,
Just brought them to their senses,
And made them run before ’twas light.

Missouri has been the land of battle,
Price has stole their goods and cattle,
Away, away, away to the fight.
Our Halleck, too, we’re proud of, he is brave and true,
And if we had more like him,
We soon would put. the traitors through.

Our brave Burnside is the man
To execute McClellan’s plan,
Away, away, away to the fight.
He storms the rebbels’ stronghold, ne’er minds the tide,
And when he gets a chance to,
He well directs a whole broadside.

We will show to all the world,
Our banner still remains unfurled,
Away, away, away to the fight.
Let England do her blowing, she has before,
We’ll show her, if she wants to,
That we can now defend our. shores.

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