Stars and Stripes No. 2


Revised and printed expressly for the Public Schools, by permission of the publishers of the Music, LEE & WALKER, No. 722 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Stars & Stripes

The Stars and Stripes! what hand shall dare
To desecrate the flag we bear?
The flag of stars, whose cheering light
Beamed through oppression’s gloomy night
The flag of stripes whose heavenly dyes
Flashed Freedom’s dayspring through the skies!
Our flag! Our flag! The standard of the free!
Symbol of hope and liberty!

The Stars and Stripes! What memories rise,
When e’er that banner greets our eyes?
By patriots borne o’er land and sea,
It led the way to victory?
When slaughter swept the surging main
When carnage strewed the crimson plain
It marked the spot where heroes stood,
It was baptized in heroes blood.

The Stars and Stripes! What power shall stay
Immortal Freedom’s onward way?
The heavens are her triumphal arch
Through which she takes her mighty march!
Her mighty march! Nor shall she halt
Till, like the spangled azure vault
O’er every land around the world
The Stars and Stripes shall be unfurled.

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