Take Back the Heart


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Take Back The Heart

Take back the heart that thou gavest,
What is my anguish to thee?
Take back the freedom thou cravest,
Leaving the fetters to me.
Take back the vows thou hast spoken,
Fling them aside and be free;
Smile o’er each pitiful token,
Leaving the sorrow for me.
Drink deep of life’s fond illusion,
Gaze on the storm-cloud and flee,
Swiftly through strife and confusion,
Leaving the burden to me.

Then, when at last overtaken,
Time flings its fetters o’er thee,
Come with a trust still unshaken,
Come back a captive to me;
Come back in sadness or sorrow,
Once more my darling to be.
Come as of old, love, to borrow
Glimpses of sunlight from me.
Love shall resume her dominion,
Striving no more to be free,
When, on her world-weary pinion,
Flies back my lost love to me.

A.W. AUNER’S CARD & JOB PRINTING ROOMS Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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