Song of All Songs No. 3


H. DE MASAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New York.

SONG of all SONGS.

I once did love a “Yellow Gal” they called her “Charming Sal,”
She was the “Mother dear” to the “Peanut Gal;”
She used to go “Out a singing,” in the “Merry Month of May,”
Along with the “Nice young man” whose name was “Peter Gray.

If I was only “Young again” in “My Old Cabin Home,”
Along with “Annie Laurie,” I never more would roam;
I’d often “Go out shooting” with “My Master’s gun;”
And then, along with “Johnny Sands,” I’d “Take care of No.1.

The “Bold Dragoon” and “Sairy Sykes” went out to have some fun.
Along with “Old Dick Darling” to the “Battle of Bull-Run.”
They went to the “Limerick Races” with “Maude Adair and I;”
And we’ll go home with the “Girls in the morning,” “When the Swallows homeward fly”

“Kiss me quick and go” my dearest “Nancy Till,”
Along with old “Joe Bowers” we’ll take the “Cottage on the hill.
“Out on the Ocean sailing,” “Gently glides the Bonnie Boat;”
And I’ll ne’er despise a man because he wears a “Ragged Coat.”

Oh! “Lightly may the boat row!” “Jamie’s on the stormy sea,”
Along with “Captain Kidd:” “Do they ever think of me?”
When I meet with “Dearest May,” “I likes a drop of good beer;”
And so does “Johnny Schmoker” and the “Yankee Volunteer.”

“Hush-a-by Baby,” at the “Baby Show;”
“In the days when we went gipsying,” “Twenty years ago,”
I went to “John’s Party,” along with “Paddy Miles,”
And there I met the “Old Gray Mare” and the “Pirate of the Isles.

“I’d offer thee this hand of mine,” says “the Boy with the Auburn hair.
Who with “Kitty Tyrrel” sat in the “Vacant Chair;”
I “Would I were a boy again,” along with “Carrie Lee!”
I would get the “New Policeman” to go catch “the Lively Flea.

At “Tim Finigan’s wake” it was ‘Whack Row de Dow;
“Is it anybody’s business” “Who will care for Mother now?”
“Let us be happy together,” says “Miss Lucy Long;”
so, with the “Good-bye at the door, “I’ll end my Sung of Songs.

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