Take Care of Number One


Take Care of Number One.

White folks give attention,
I’ve brought my banjo ’long,
It popped into my head
You’d like to hear a song.
I’ve put the strings in tune,
Away from home I’ve come,
This advice to give you, first
Take care of number one.

Read the daily papers—
That’s when you want the news—
Swallow all dey tell you.
Believe it when you choose.
When you want your name up
De way to get it done,
Just pay de editor,
He’ll puff you number one.

Dars Mrs. What’s-her-name,
She wrote about de niggers,
Den went across de big pond,
Dere she cut a figure.
Guess-she made some money,
But gib de niggers none:
Just like the Abolitionist,
Take cure of number one.

De money market’s tight—
Dat story’s nothing new;
Good or bad it’s all one
To either I or you.—
Scratch along, dat’s de song,
But keep a little mum:
When yon get your pockets full
Take care of number one.

There’s de New York Ledger
Would gib me any price
To write ’em lots of songs,
Or something else that’s nice;
Ten thousand dollars, cash,
I’d like to have the sum,
‘Sides helping Mr. Bonner
‘Twould help ’long number one.

Some folks make a fortune
In a very little time,
There’s other folks again,
Dey never save a dime:
I don’t know de reason,
But I guess de way its done—
Trust ’em wid your money,
Dey’ll take care of number one.

Since we’ve got de rail-roads.
Now running thro’ de streets,
Folks hab give up walking
Cause riding’s very cheap;
Some very nice conductors,
But others little grum—
Dere’s one for de bosses,
Here is two for number one.

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