Taking It Cool



Taking It Cool.

Now, friends, keep cool, and lend an ear,
And listen to my song;
Although some folks they think I’m green,
I always get along.
The reason why, ’tis very plain,
I never was a fool,
When other folks get in a heat,
I always take it cool.

The other day as I walked out,
I remember what I said;
Two nice young men were pitching in,
‘Twas all about a maid.
While they were hitting right and left,
Hard hitting seemed to rule,
I took her arm and I saw her home,
For I always take it cool.

As I was walking down the street,
Stop thief I heard them cry;
An excited crowd pursued a man,
Until they passed me by.
A nice gold watch he held in his hand,
He dropped it like a fool;
When they’d gone by I picked it up,
For I always take it cool.

Unto a ball I went one night,
Two fellows raised a row,
And oh, there was an awful fight,
And an awful time I vow.
Hats, bonnets, coats and shawls were lost,
Confusion seemed to rule,
I came out with a bran new coat,
For I always take it cool.

I stepped into a Faro Bank,
To see them play the game,
When some one bellowed out “Police!”
Great terror seized each frame.
They all ran out like little boys,
Skedaddling home from school,
I picked up the stakes and then walked out,
For I always take it cool.

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