The Tax Bill


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The Tax Bill

The tax bill now is all the go.
What a blessed thing in this free nation,
But the people all both high and low,
Are somewhat opposed to big taxation;
This tax is laid on every thing,
From a cart wheel to a penny trumpet.
Why they’ve even taxed the wedding ring,
And if you don’t like it, you can lump it,

The very clothes upon your back,
Are taxed untill reduced to “Shoddy,”
And should you want h coach or hack,
The driver taxes you for his toddy:
Even crackers and cheese are greatly tax’d.
Free lunches are searee, there’s no disguising
And I have marked it for a fact.
That peanuts rapidly are rising.

The milkman too have raised their price.
Yet give you nothing but chalk and water,
And the tax bill’s something “big on ice,”
While segars are getting small and shorter,
The grocer he does not like the tax,
He sands his sugar and beans his coffee.
And in other “Schemes,” he nothing lacks,
So he’s bound to make his takes off ye.

The cooler swears upon his SOLE.
If the tax bill LASTS, AWL is over:
The broker too has raised on gold,
And fat contractors live in clover.
Roosters are tax’d if loud they crow,
And a dog I’m told is tax’d for barking:
Young men no longer the “hog,” can go,
For Congress will put a tax on sparking.

To the man of fashion as I hear.
The tax bill’s proving a sorry joker,
To raise fund for cigars and lager bier.
He trouble’s his uncle, the pawnbroker:
Our soldiers fighiing far away,
A sutler’s tax, can now discover:
And what an awful tax we must pay,
When this cruel war is over.

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