The Tenth, Montgomery Regiment



The Tenth, Montgomery Regiment.

I am a bold Montgomery, to the Tenth I do belong,
And if you pay attention, I’ll since to you a song;
I left my friends and home a soldier to be,
To fight for Uncle Sam with a heart so light and free.

In Western Virginia, wherever we did encamp,
We drove terror to the Rebels, when they heard our steady tramp,
With many a bustling bayonet to guard our onward speed,
With Colonel Lytle at our head, on his gallant steed.

It made us all feel sad to hear the dreadful news:
How the gallant Sixty-Ninth, at Manassa’s, were abused
By those infernal traitors who had the power aud strength—
But they will find their match, when they meet the bloody Tenth.

For, the Flag that waves in beauty, with all its Stars so bright,
Will guide the gallant Tenth, when they are in the fight;
No danger do we fear, we know our cause is just—
The Union now and ever—then conquer we must.

For three long years we’re bound to guard the land we love,
By a Freeman’s oath we took before the God above!
And while the Stars and Stripes shall wave in their full length,
You will ever find us ready, the heroes of the Tenth!

Here’s health to our Commanders, may courage raise their fame,
Like soldiers of this Union, add laurels to their name;
And also, to the privates who form this noble band,
Spend happy days of pleasure in Freedom’s happy land!

And when the wars are over, and our Country has been saved,
We’ll drop a parting tear o’er our gallant comrades’ graves,
And to our homes we’ll come, with Colors flying high;
Then to a soldier’s life, brave boys, we’ll gladly bid: good-bye

We’ll kiss our wives and sweet-hearts, settle down in life,
And those that are not married, must kindly take a wife,
And tell of the days when one had a soldier’s strength,
When one of the bold Montgomeries or the gallant Tenth.

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