That's Just So!


Published for the Union Soldiers by JAMES D. GAY of Philadelphia, Pa.

That’s just so!

Boys just listen while I sing to you a song Sir,
About our great Yankey “doom” and how we’re getting along Sir,
Of our up’s and downs and slips and falls and how we had to fight Sir,
But yet in the end it’s coming out all right Sir.

When our war at first commenced we thought t’ would not he long Sir,
Before “Sesesh” would be put down by our Northern men and arms Sir,
But the more we fight the more we find “Sesesha” is quite Stubborn,
But we are bound to lick them in the end, sure as there is a heaven.

Oh, the worst feature of our war is to think that here at home Sir,
We have men in our midst that make of it no bones Sir,
Of helping “old Sesesh” to hold up their rag Sir,
While thousands of our Countrymen are falling for our flag Sir.

But great glory to our General Pope Sir,
Who has just found out the way to make them Union folks Sir,
By telling all and every one to come up and take the Oath Sir,
That they’ll be true to the Stars and Stripes or less travel South Sir.

O there was old Floyd that scoundrel of a man Sir,
That stole all the money he could from Uncle Sam Sir,
And then to save his bacon he had to take to flight Sir,
By riding on a Jackass in the dead of night Sir.

But this old Union is a glorious old concern Sir,
We bought it in “76” of old King George the third Sir,
Yes bought by throwing defence in the face of the British lion,
And we are bound for to save it and send sesesh a flying.

But gallant boys soon this war’ll be to and end Sir,
For old Vermont and other states are sending lots of men Sir,
We are bound to plant the Stars and Stripes all over Dixies land Sir,
And then return to our homes a joyfull happy band Sir.

CHORUS.—And thats just so, &c. &c.

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