That's Where the Laugh Comes In!



That’s Where The Laugh Comes In!

Augustus Don Pedro, a handsome young man,
Who travelled on shape I am told;
Determined to get if he possibly could,
A wife who had plenty of gold:
So filling his noddle with many a plan,
By which he the lady could win,
He hit upon one, which I shortly shall tell,
And “That’s where the laugh comes in.”

He borrowed a watch and a massive gold chain,
Riugs, studs, and in fact all he could;
Then sold them for greenbacks, and shortly before
The income assessor he stood.
He handed the money stone of the clerks,
Who entered his name with a grin,
He thought him a nabob, and set him down such,
And shortly “The laugh comes in.”

While eagerly scanning the paper next day,
To his great delight did appear
His name, with his income in figures set down,
At full twenty thousand per year;
The plan was successful, he married the girl,
And tho’ he was not worth a pin,
His wits got a wife who had plenty for both,
And “That’s where the laugh comes in.”

The father enranged at the terrible “sell,”
Determined the young man to shoot;
But turning the matter again in his mind,
Concluded Augustus to boot,
When calmer he grew, he thought he would do
The best that he could for his kin.
So he give them the cash, and they cut quite a dash,
And “That’s where the laugh Comes in.”

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