Ballad No. 2. Their Trophies


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Ballad No. 2.Their Trophies.

The veteran troops at old Yorktown,

They robbed McGruder of his crown,

He thought he had better evacuate,
Skedaddle before it was to late,

The rebels then were bold to tell,

At Williamsburg we’ll give you h——.

There the rebs they trailed our Flag in dust,
Up hoist again, for wave it mnst,

The veteran troops at Williamsburg,

They drove McGruder with his hord,

Skedaddled but after a hard day’s tug,
Leaving their cannon sticking in mud.

These gallant troops in spirits fine,

Advanced and formed in battle line,

Advanced and formed in battle line,

At the Battle of Oaks; the Seven Day’s Fight,
At Malvern hill, they flogged them right.

At Fredericksburg and Antietato,

They fought and rallied to a man

The balls they flew, the grape did pour,
Across Antietam’s other shore,

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