Then the Band Played


A.W. Auner, Song Publisher, Philada. Pa.


Of all the times I ever saw, since I was one and twenty,
I joined the band had lots of fun, but now my pockets empty,
Now all my friends give me the shake, whenever they come my way.
They never say, come take a drink, when the band begins to play.

Now while the war was going on, and greenbacks went a humming,
I’d never cause to want a drink, or go around a bumming;
I’ve blow’d my horn in every street, from close to break of day.
And flew my kite, and let her went, then the band began to play.

Oh once I had a diamond pin and ring upon my finger,
A splendid watch, a fancy chain, oh how the thoughts still linger,
I pledged them all, while on a spree, and the police dragged me away,
And locked me up, cause I was tight, then the band began to play,

Now all the world’s got me down fine, I’ll find some other quarter,
I’ve half a mind to drown myself, but then I don’t like water,
Yet when it’s made into a punch, it makes the head feel gay,
If some kind friend will stand a treat, then the band begins to play.


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