They Have Broken Up Their Camps!


H. DE. MARSAN, Publisher. Of Songs, ballads, toy, books, $#38;c. No. 54 Chatham Street, N.Y.

They Have Broken Up Their Camps

They have broken up their camps,
They are laughing o’er their tramps,
They are gladly greeting friends who flock around them;
They have left the scanty fare,
They have left the tainted air;
For, they’ve dashed to earth the prison-wall that bound them!

But they’re bringing back the dear old Flag in glory..
They have battled long and well;
And let, after ages, tell
How they won the proudest name in song or story!

We are eager with our thanks,
We are pressing on their ranks,
We are grasping hands that held the States unbroken;
Yet, we sadly think of those
Who have fallen ’mid their foes,
And the welcome that we give is sadly spoken.

Oh! the long delay has passed,
They have brought us peace, at last:
And how proudly, through our veins, the blood is bounding,
As we bless our honor’d dead
While the steady martial tread
Of returning Legions, in our ears, is sounding!

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