They Never Told a Lie



They Never Told A Lie.

Two wily fishermen they sailed forth
To the briny deep where fish are caught,
For they’d oft told of deeds they’d done
To the finny tribe, and the mess they’d won
There never was a fisherman, but knew the spot,
And the time, and the tide, where the fish were got.

Both shedder-crabs and shrimps had they,
To lure the fish that came that way,
And a bottle of rye I’ll also state,
For they never could fish without liquid bait.
They hooked one fish, it was lost of course,
For it’s always the largest fish that’s lost.

They fished all day in the red hot sun,
The amount they caught, it was not one;
They homeward stopped in a market spot
From the man’s ice-box they bought a lot,
Just to show their friends what they both had caught,
But they never said a word of what they bought.

When they walked home, the rain came down,
It rained so hard they were nearly drowned;
But they felt proud of the load they had,
They’d filled themselves with whiskey bad,
These two rogues, they’d not be stuck,
For they never said a word about fisherman’s luck.

Their friends flocked round expectantly,
This wonderful mess of fish to see;
As each one gazed, he held his nose,
Now, what was the reason do you suppose?
They didn’t small sweet as fresh fish ought,
For it must have been a week, since they’d been caught.

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